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The Staks

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This is the library & archive site for Roy L. Harbin:The DANG-DInGIE American aka,, The Evil White Man.

Welcome to The Staks.
 It is mainly built to archive material generated from conversations in the Excite Message Boards Politics Forum.It will also contain original stories,articles or other 'written works' by me,,Roy Harbin.
 There will be a section for links collected from websearches conducted in the course of 'conversating' on the boards or from personal curiosity or need.

The Excite material primarily focuses on political issues and topics.
The original works by me will be fictional for the most part but there are allready exceptions to that.
Any reference material will be what has been collected from the web.In the event of copyright concerns only parts of articles will be publicly presented.I intend to provide complete works in certain instances,,but they will be placed behind a 'pass-page'.You will need to contact me to get a password to access them.

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