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The Staks


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This is the main page for the Archives of The Staks of Roy L. Harbin:The DANG-DInGIE American.

These archives are mainly filled with exchanges Roy Harbin as harbin336 has had with assorted posters in The Excite Discussion Board Politics Forum.

10/08/07 - As of Monday October 8th,2007 there are two entries located on this site.Those are PKPost:Logic,,Lost & Obama Connections:A Logic Trail .
The other entries in The Staks Archives Index are located on the other sites where they were originally posted,The Original Staks or The Staks V2.I will duplicate them here eventually.For an understanding of why there are 3 Staks right now,,visit and read the front page of my main Tripod site,Roy L. Harbin:The DANG-DInGIE American or the blog for the site:Blog of Roy L. Harbin:The DANG-DInGIE American.
2/05/08 - The first entry of 2008:Bron goes moonfruity. Everybody say,,,'rah,rah,rah,,sis boom bah,,bron gets the honor with his blah,blah,blah!' ~smirk~



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