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All slaw,,no dawg.

Unlabeled at that.

Okay,,I admit it,,,I really need to ignore these kinds of 'masked maniacs'.I am trying to ween myself off of bothering to try to converse with anonymous folks.

But,,this guy makes out like he wants to form and be titular head of a 'new' political party while hiding behind a cyber identity and the 'inananesness' of that justrubs me wrong.

So,,here's another response set featuring 'kslawdawg',, a man you claims he would like you to support his 'Slawdawg' party but is too terrified to let his true identity be known to the folks he is stumping.(Yeah,,a pun referring to whomever may 'fall for his malarky,,ya know,,the one's he 'stumps' with his form of 'politico-speak'.)

Original thread:

~Mr. Harbin,You obviously failed to read what I wrote.~

And your reasoning for that is,,,,,,,,?

Dude,,I responded pretty much line by line,,I had to read it.

If you are inferring I did not understand,,well,,I disagree.I believe I understood more than you wanted me to.

And that's why you are now going to try to muddy the water while acting pretty much like an average ordinary politico,,with the exception of allowing your actual identity to be associated with your professed ideologies.

~I said they are a threat to us, but not to our existance.~


Us does not imply 'ours'?


~When i speak of existance I'm not just talking in the physical sense either.~


The spiritual?

What about seperation of church and state?

~I'm talking about several things on several fronts.~

Ohhh,,that's the new phrase for it?

Sorry,,I'm still gonna call it the same ol' same ol' that one allways gets from a 'wannbe politico'.

Ya know,,bovine feces.

That is,,if'n ya don't mind there,doc.

~You fail to recognise how our policies the very ones that I spoke about that are making China a stonger nation, along with the terrorists.~

Along with?

You very strongly inferred,,'without',,the terrorists.

The implied meaning of your post was 'obviously' a total disregard for the 'psychotic threat' in favor of everyone focusing on China.

You really should NOT 'flip-flop',,'waffle'.'back peddle' nor 'dissemble',even just a little,,if you do no wish to be seen as being no different from the politicians you so often denigrate.

~Follow the dollar Mr. Harbin, see where it goes when you buy Chinese Stuff.~


Your wifes pocket?

~Cut of the flow of money to the terrorists thru China and Iran, by not trading with them.~

Okay,,cut the flow,,I'm all for that.

But why are you asserting the money flows to 'islamic insurgents' through there?

If you want to cut off money to 'those' folks,,you have to oppose 'oil' and,,muslim interests worldwide,,which is not suddenly a large part of the China equation.

~So instead of focusing on a small part of the problem I'm focusing on the bigger picture.~

In what world?

~I am not like all other politicians in that I can multi-task the problems facing this country and not allow myself to get so self absorbed by hate that I can't focus on anything else.~


I wouldn't even say ALL are like that.

A 'politician',,heck,,an average human,,should know better than use such sweeping statements.Of course,,that's IF their identity is NOT hidden behind a cloak of anonymity.

~Everything in my plan STRENGTHENS this country, militarily and economically.~

Please,,put your 'plan' together and post it,,in it's entirety,,so any such confusion that insues from not actually 'seeing' your plan,,will never happen again.

I'm sure you can manage to 'jot' down your manifesto.

~I secure the borders, ~

How?Patrolling them yourself?

~I use our economy as a weapon instead of our military,~


Throw money at them and hope they go away?

Let them suck us dry so they leave us alone?

Pay the 'extortion'?

IOW,,how doc?

Get your wife and all other employees to quit Walmart tomorrow?


~I base my decisions based on long term effects instead of short term gains.~

Prove that,,post your 'plan'.

~Hence putting in place a economic policy that most of us wouldn't see any "real" benefit untill 5-8 years after I left office, ~

How convenient,,for you.

I can hear it now,,'This will work,,even if it looks like we are all gonna die if we don't convert to Islam,,just ignore that and wait for this thing to work in about 10 years 'after' I skate to my private island.Or hey,,by that time,,you could have become the dictator of some country,,like ours.

~assuming I would be re-elected.~

Don't you mean,,'Presuming' you would be elected in the first place?

From what I have seen,,you're not even on the level of an average politico.

You hide your identity like those 'islamic insurgents' I see on tv all the time,,and those klansman,,and those crooks who hide their faces from cameras while they commit nefarious deeds.

~I do this for the goo of the country not for the good of my political career, the one in which I really could do without. But somebody needs to step forward and make the tough decisions that need to be made and someone needs to step up and be honest with the people of this country.~

Yeah,,right,,sure ya do.

Yes,,they do need that.

Everybody 'wants',,so therefore psychologically,,,needs,,some 'goo'.

But,,does it have to be wrapped up with 'gaa-gaa'?

Ya know,,like the average politico does with it,,so often,,,like they are talking to 'babies',,or ignorant folks who 'can't/don't' know or understand what's good for themselves?Like I think you are doing.

Besides,,I don't think you will have to worry about being the one in that position.

No one can vote for you if you're,,'an-ony-mous',,can they?

~Someone needs to stop putting band-aids on heart attacks cause it makes for a good soundbite, and satisfies Americans need for instant gratification.~

And,,tell me the truth,now,,did you come up with THAT little 'soundbyte' yourself,,or did you get some 'speech writers' help?


Here's a soundbyte for ya,,'Are ya gonna vote for him?” , 'How can I?I don't know his name!'

~I tell Americans up front what the problems are,~

Oh,sure,,everyone is a doctor when it comes to identifying the problems,,but no one ever offers an actual solution.Now,,where have I heard THAT line before?

~I offer a real solution,~

What is that?

You as POTUS?

Now,,where have I seen that concept before?

Oh,,yeah,,that's right.

In every other 'puck head' that ever ran for the POTUS position.

~and I tell them the truth.~

You CAN'T tell the truth.If you could,,you would simply answer this question:

What's your real name and where can someone go to contact your party 'headquarters'?

But,,nope,,you won't and will most likely say that some 'psychotic person' may want to find you and harm you and that's why you are 'an-ony-mous'.

Isn't it,,doctor slawdawg?You're 'terrified' of everyone who may disagree with you.So you put on a 'mask' and run around in cyberland telling everyone that THEY are silly for being scared of someone 'terrorizing them' in order to make you feel a little better while stuffing your face with 'slawdawgs' brought home from Walmarts Superstore?

~That it took us over 28 years to get us into this predictament, and a cure isn't going to happen overnight.~


I thought you 'tell the people the truth'.

If so,,would you have limited the scope of years so severely?

Or,,do you have a particular 'pet peeve' of a moment you blame it all on?

~There can be no gain without any pain.~

Soundbyte,,ancient,,passe,,bovine feces.

~But the benefits of following my policies thru for 16 years would secure our borders,~

So would ,,actually 'following' and EVERYONE AGREEING TO ENFORCE,,the policies allready in place.

~our future,~

Aww,,you know the truth is,,you really mean,,your future.Every POTUS is set for life,,financially.And that's without even mentioning the afterglow profits from 'rubbing elbows with 'the hoity-toity' rich cats and cashing in on and getting a return on services rendered,,er,,excuse me,,favors done.

~strengthen our Military by strengthening our Industrail base, by requiring all Military contracts be awarded to American Companies using American Workers to produce our military equipment.~

And discriminate against minorities?Please define your criteria for,,an American Company and an American worker.

But,,hey,,I'm all for 'RE--strengthening' our industrial base,,but you will piss off Al Gore unless you roll back certain 'regulations' which drive 'for profit' companies to move their 'manufacturing facilities' to where the regs aren't so 'quelling' on such endeavors.

Of course,,they could simply they pay extortion in the form of 'carbon credits'.

All of which is contributing to China building it's 'manufacturing/industrial base' while ours is regulated out to be replaced by 'service industry' businesses which buy their products from Chinese maufacturing outlets like Walmart.

~I've already told you how I would not make it profitable for American in name only Companies to ship jobs overseas to a communist country.~

Yet,,you alienate too much of your voting pool by discriminating along national,,as in,,racial,cultural and ethnic lines,,don't you?IOW,,How do you define,,'in name only'?

Like American Airlines,,that could be owned entirely by forign 'private' investors who have a legal resident staus,,right?

Would that constitute,,in name only,,or not?

~You can let yourself get stuck on singular issuesor even silly issues like Flag Pins and Ministers words........if you want to.

But I will not be so easily distracted.~

Then,,why oh why,,doc slawdawg,,did you bring such up?

And you claim I don't read your posts.

It looks like the 'TRUTH' is that you don't read your own posts,,or want to LIE in order to make ME look as 'bad' as YOU obviously ARE.

Here's what YOU,,yes,,YOU said,,without me mentioning anything like that:

~Plus people aren't interested in real cures for real problems, they want to know if I'll wear a little flag on the lapel of my suit.

Or what my minister thinks.~

So,,I asked you to 'lay out' the cure on the table,,,and NOW,,you are trying to make me out to be the one who did what you just inferred was 'bad',,and YOU ARE THE ONE WHO BROUGHT THAT UP?

Nothing but 'slaw',,no meat at all.

False advertising!!


2nd post:

In response to your statement that the 'psyco islamics' are no threat to OUR existence I asked:

Will you say that to the families of the ones whose LOVED ONES no longer exist thanx to psychopathic Islamic militiants?

You response was:

~Nah what I would tell them is the truth.

I would say that they are no more of a threat to them than the student who goes to the Camus of VT and kills 30 some students.~

You are a rather 'heartless individual' based on that response,,IMHsmellyO.

He was Muslim?

Did he give any of his victims a chance to convert,,,or die before he slaughtered those 30 human beings?

Did he fly a plane into a building containing tens of 1000's hoping to 'murder' as many as he could?

Does he have friends worldwide willing to assist him in killing folks in order to allegedly spread the Islamic Empire by Ali's Sword?

~I would say to them, that they are no more of a threat to them than the guy who walks into a mall in Omaha and kills fellow Americans.~

Then you are very much like an 'ostrich',,as far as your 'logic processing abilities' being displayed in those statements indicate.

~I would tell them, I plan on making them safer by securing the borders, and putting additional police on the streets, and additional security in place IN THIS COUNTRY.~

And while you have them distracted by that as an 'end game',,the ones who have declared that their intention is to gain converts or fill body bags feel bolder and can 'foment hate' for YOUR nation and any other that doesn't submit to them which would only allow that threat to solidify into one that will 'swarm us like locusts',,about the time you say YOUR PLAN would kick in,,a few years AFTER you left your second term,,right?

IOW,,that does not make the actions you propose sufficient for the threat,,nor prove the threat of 'hordes of psychotic murderers' being as 'trivial' as just ONE psychotic person 'in America' killing as many as they can before they too die.

And besides,,have you NO compassion for the 'innocent lives' being extinguished with NO one helping them,,no matter what nationality,race or religion they are?

All you have done is 'dehumanized and trivialized' innocent human lives,,of all kinds,,to advance your political (?) agenda.

Just like I have seen sooooo many politicians do soooo often.

~I would tell them I will make them more safe by putting in a energy policy that will get us off of Middle East Oil, and one that won't increase the cost of their food.~

And exactly what would that policy be?

Buy flourescent bulbs filled with mercury from Walmart?

Gore beat you to that one,doc.

~I will tell them I will make their lives more secure economically.~

"A chicken in every pot!"

"Fourty acres and a mule!"

Heard it before.

Nothing new.

Average political fertilizer.

Just like the politicians you decry.

~The one thing I won't do


Oh,,piss ants,,,what?,,use pesticide?

Saddam did stuff like that.

He got hung for it.

The threat is worldwide,,didn't you see those links,doc?

Or did you NOT read my posts?

Why don't you address how to address a 'worldwide' problem like those 'locusts' constitute?

And you claimed it was,,'obvious',,that I didn't read your post?

(How ruuude!And oh so much like the spinmeister politicians you claim you aren't like.)

~Personally as I said, I think the fact that over 25 Americans are being killed daily at the hands of illegals, which means we have lost over 20,000 american lives since 9/11 would be a wake up call for most Americans and would also tell you that maybe just maybe there is a bigger threat to this country than the Muslims.~

Well,,I agree that that needs to be addressed.Fervently.But,,if one can't 'multi-task' and keep the 'other threats' managed,,the borders won't matter since it will allow a full scale invasion force to consolidate which will result in more than a few 'individauls' slipping in,,but full scale military forces since the other folks/nations in the world don't think like Americans and will see 'cut and run' as fear thru weakness realized.

~But don't let a little thing like common sense of facts get in the way of your hate.~

Another soundbyte you came up with on your own?

No wonder you hide your identity.

So,,is it better to let the sand (or bovine feces) around your head get in the way of a matter,,that is,,imhsmellyo,,part and parcel of what YOU are not seeing actually relates to the threat you are minimalizing and trivializing,,through 'distractive machinations' or,,,display multi-tasking skills and deal with all the threats rather than just the one you think would provide more 'political momentum' by condoning,,or ignoring,,the very machinating tactics that are insuring the threat to OUR existence,,will become more immediate in OUR country?

Of course,,conveniently,,after you leave office.

You are exactly like the politicians you claim you are soooooo different from,,except,,they have cajones enough to 'not hide' their identity.

Roy Harbin

The DANG-DInGIE American

aka,, The Evil White Man


created on: 2/25/08

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