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Infun,,yet,,maddened,,the Moose morphs

I have irked hiram again.

This time was the same as the last,,,and the one before that.

Read the below,,it explains it.

Pertinent threads can be read here:

gee,,you just can't be satisfied can ya?

First,,I respond to you as though you are serious,,offer mythoughts and opinions,,IOW,,I took you at 'face offered' value,,and you got upset,,failed to respond to any salient points I had presented,,claimed you weren't serious,,said stuff about how you have a right to come in here and say or be how ever you want and plainly infer,,much like the pope might,,that I had no right to respond how ever I wanted.

Then,,after you change your nic,,or start posting under a different one:

I respond with thought and opinions,,poke some fun at you,,your 'made up nic' to be precise,,and you get upset,,claim you are serious,,act all indignant,,fail to respond to any salient points I have presented,,claim you are serious,,say stuff about how you have a right to come in here and say or be how ever you want and plainly infer,,much like the pope might,,that I have no right to respond how ever I want.

Now,,I mix it up,,I throw some serious out with something light,a tad snippy,and yes not un often something intellectually snarky,,,and you get upset,,fail to respond to any salient points I have presented,,claim I am childish or somehow otherwise mentally deficient,,say stuff about how you have a right to come in here and say or be how ever you want and plainly infer,,much like the pope might,,that I have no right to respond how ever I want.All that eventually led me to observing that you most likely suffer from what I call the 'masked man syndrome' and then to you making up a new nic,,to play 'le joke' on me and somehow show your control of something.

Which essentially brings up to this point,,

YOU fail to respond to any salient points I have presented,,claim you are serious,,say stuff about how you have a right to come in here and say or be how ever you want and plainly infer,,much like the pope might,,that I have no right to respond how ever I want.

Here,,I'll show you.

(feel free to respond in a reasonably intelligent and mature fashion to any salient points I may 'broach',,'kay mon sewer moose?)


See,,your displayed bigotry is evidence my previously stated theory is true.



n. One who is strongly partial to one's own group, religion, race, or politics and is intolerant of those who differ. [French, from Old French.]

Word History: Bigots may have more in common with God than one might think. Legend has it that Rollo, the first duke of Normandy, refused to kiss the foot of the French king Charles III, uttering the phrase bi got, his borrowing of the assumed Old English equivalent of our expression by God. Although this story is almost surely apocryphal, it is true that bigot was used by the French as a term of abuse for the Normans, but not in a religious sense. Later, however, the word, or very possibly a homonym, was used abusively in French for the Beguines, members of a Roman Catholic lay sisterhood. From the 15th century on Old French bigot meant "an excessively devoted or hypocritical person." Bigot is first recorded in English in 1598 with the sense "a superstitious hypocrite."


~I am not a bigot~

From what I've seen,,if you are the same person who has been using the nics of the poster I have been discussing stuff,,er trying to discuss stuff with,,you most certainlyy are bigoted for casatalottaschism,,at least as it concerned the 'english kings' split with it.During that particular round,,you made it plain,,to me,,you were also bigoted against WASPS,,apparently in favor of the 'catholic churches' theocratical superiority.

~...stick around and you may pick up on the fact that I just don't like any Party politics, says it on my profile as you know....~

I have,,and stated,,at least a few times that it seems your party is a party of one,,with a fawning attitude for 'the castalottaschism party' led by the 'king in vatican city'.

Maybe not so plain as that,,but surely plain enough for such a superior intellect as yours to pick up on,,and address.

~and the group think that it inspires. To our detriment.~

Sure ya do,,and I agree,,it is detrimental,,STOP IT allready.

~For me not to be a bigot would mean I was a republican and I am not. Nor am I a dem. I critize the republicans more because I see them as at least having some promise.~

See that?That's the kind of vagueness I contend someone NOT anonymous would be more concerned about not presenting,,if they wish to be taken as someone reasonably intelligent and mature minded.

As in,,are you saying only reps are bigots?

And that you critisize the rep party because you see it as having more promise?

Or do you mean the dems have more promise so you critisize the reps?

~But if you wish to consider me a bigot that is your prerogative,~

Well,,duh,,,which makes me wonder why you keep inferring it isn't and get upset when I base such on that which you consistantly present?

~BTW prejudging me~

I have never!

My 'judements' occured after the 'evidence was presented'.

~and make me respond to nonsense like this~

Awww,come on,,I thought YOU said you were in control of the virtual discussions we have!!!Didn't you once claim?:

~The reality of this virtual discussion is being controlled by me...not you.~

~instead of just addressing the issues is not productive,~

I am NOT in control,,you are,,so why do YOU not address the salient points I offered instead of getting all distracted? and I do seem to agree alot on many issues~

Which is one reason why I keep trying to discuss stuff with you,,but I have,,sadly,,came to the conclusion the 'masked man syndrome' you suffer from will notlet you see pastyour mask.

~but what I don't like about you is you are trying to dissect my motives or who I am and using that as a distraction.~

I beg to differ.I did not try to do anything that formed my opinion that the malady you suffer from causes you to be unable to focus on any other aspect of our conversations without filtering it through YOUR OWN 'hidden selfs' paranoia regarding revealing its self which causes you to become distracted.Unless you count trying to 'participate' in this 'discussion forum' similar to what others in here,,like you,,do as trying to dissect your motives or who you are.

~Yes I do have bias' but that's why I come here.~

See?A 'contradiction revealed',,hopefully,,for you,,couched subtily in the setting up of a jab at what you percieve as my bias.

~You have your too. Or is that what this is all about? Your racist signature that I have criticized you for when your racism has shown in other ways....~

And there it is,,the 'oooh,,he's a racist' ploy.

Why do you believe that?

You have never offered a cohesive,logically coherent answer to that question.

I contend it's only evidence of your own biased,,bigoted,,prejudicial and elitist,,pack thinking mindset.

Or more succinctly,,your 'hidden selfs',,biased,,bigoted,,prejudicial and elitist,,pack thinking mindset.

~We have a place to express opinions and discuss the merits of the issues rather than those who post them.~

I keep trying to do that but you keep letting YOUR knowlwdge of my real identity get in the way of it.

~But you want this to be a tween chat room or something.~

Yeah,,'droit',,and the evidence of that is that I use a nic like 'Mr.Moose',,in french,,like a tweenie bopper might,,or a net-o-phile trolling for such as that kind of person.

~A concept you seem to have an issue with subscriptions to.~

And yet,,I just pointed out the fallacy of that claim,,with your own 'call the kettle black' attack.

~I was addressing MB but seeing as you want to pick apart my words and force me to use more words to explain a non-relevant point...ah sigh...I will.~

Non relevant?

You would waste such powers of control you apparently claimed you have by setting up such a scenario?

What a waste.


~No one addressed MB's post and the thread was not on topic...~

You did,,,and the thread is defined by the topic,,no?

So,,how can a thread be off topic?

Now,,a post,,yeah,,but NOT a thread.

~You continue to pick apart my personality and I am tiring of it.~

Again,I beg to differ,,I pick apart the logic you display,,mostly.

Like I did above.

~Most of your response was on topic and interesting...thanks for that.~

That must be an insincere thanks,,since you refused to respond to the salient points and instead focused on what you keep saying is irrelevant issues and personality attacks while claiming I only focus on persoanlity attacks and never proffer salient points relevant to the issues being discussed.

~I don't know French~

Sure ya do,,'sieur elande ct avous'.

~and it's a shame you don't get the joke because it's on you.~

Actually,,I see it as more of a shame that it was a joke that I turned on you,,and now your hidden self is shamed when it doesn't have to be that way,,if you weren't playing games and complaining that others do when they don't let you win the game YOU play,,or refuse to play the gme with you.

~I hope you learn how to address issues and not personality's soon.~

I have repeatedly illustrated the erroneous logic behind that kind of assertion so I think it's safe to say that it's much more likely that that 'particular' train has left you standing all cold and alone,,at the 'monsewer' station.

~..I think I could learn from you. If you stopped with the condescending crap that means nothing to me.~


Ascending maybe,,I gotta climb high to get up 'piles' as high as the ones you 'pile' are.

Besides,,if 'it' means 'nothing' to you,,why are you so obviously upset about,,'it'?

Look,,if that wasn't pure 'glad handing' and ya think ya can learn from me,,maybe ya might want to try taking a tiny bit of advice from me.

And that is,,'remove the mask',,your psyche will appreciate it and your mind will have room to expand.

~Once again I find your sophomoric attitude distasteful and uninviting.~

Yeah,,okay,,ow,,ooh,,but I know that is only your 'transference' speaking,,so,,it's cool,,I understand,,dude,,dudette or in between.

Sincèrement et avec tout le respect dû à tout sur cette planète,,

Roy Harbin

The DANG-DInGIE Américain

aka,,L.Mauvais Blanc

( Merci Reverso!)

L.Mauvais Blanc

created on: 05/05/08

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