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This is the index page for The Excite Archives (at The Staks) of Roy L. Harbin:The D.A.N.G. - D.In.G.I.E. American aka,, The Evil White Man.

Right now the below links go to the Original Staks located in my blog.As I get the material replicated here I will replace the links.Thanx for visiting!

Retort to Barkatullah Marwats Excite Forum Post:What the President said about Soldiers

Response Set:Barkatullah Marwat on U.S. Recruitment & An Iraqi school Incident

A Critique of Jews vs Christians

(This Harbin on 2 Things Named Harbin)

Must Prepare to Fight:A Response

Bomb Washington not Bagdad:A Point by Point to Psygon Kid

A Response to BMarwats "Warmovies nice but reality is different"

Moonfruit in a crowd:A response set to a pkpost

Moonfruit in a crowd:2 / moonfruit in a crowd 3

Evolution 001

This is insane:An Exchange Prt1 - Prt2 - Prt3

Response Set:Re:Tests,God & Abortion or How is a woman like a chicken? ( 2:Backposts )

A response to a Shrub Obsessive,ff2 - 2:Backposts

Da Moose Speaks! Backposts:Nazification

Old whites need to die? My response backpost pg1 - pg 2

Chock Full o Moonfruit & Links

A Joint Word Work:A Spoof of a PK(Pyscho Kisser)Post

Evilution:A response to santasbaby

All Slaw,,No Dawg

Maddened,,Moose Morphs (infun?)








( The Staks V2 )


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roy harbin is roy l.harbin aka,,the dang-dingie american aka,,the evil white man