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This is a response to 'infundibuluum',,commonly called,,'infun'.He asked a set of question,,infun perhaps and someone else asked one.I put the answers I had in one response.It's over 12,000 words so I posted it here instad of 5 or 6 posts on the boards.

The original Excite thread can be found here:

9 Questions asked.

Most are semantic and word usage issues.The best way to wade through such issues is to read the text/context in which they originate.

Or at least a reasonably good translation.

The 1611 KJV Bible had a 'preface/forward' in it that cautioned the reader that even though great care was taken amidst much debate,,multiple uses and alternative definitions,,like is found even in english,,can cause or contribute to confusion.

That is always a good thing to keep in mind when reading anything for context,,not just such as the Bible.

But I'll give you a bit of what it entails to search out meanings in a language.

To peg down definitive meanings in such an ancient text can be as difficult as lighting a fag off a wet faggot gotten from a faggot who is a flamer.


~Who is the "US" and "OUR" in this statement? I thought God created every "thing". Is God a Corporation? ~

Here's a page to start you off,,scroll down a little,,click on the bracketed #'s under the 'Strongs' column:

Yet,,There are a slew of different takes on it,,

like this:


although I like the simplest.

~Others relate the word (and Eloah, "a god") to alah ("to terrify") or alih ("to be perplexed, afraid; to seek refuge because of fear"). Eloah and Elohim, therefore, would be "He who is the object of fear or reverence," or "He with whom one who is afraid takes refuge". ~

And it shows a distinct difference betwixt and between Allah and The God of Abraham,Issac and Israel.( alah – alih )

Check out this other wiki entry:

And you'll find reference to each other on each page listed above.

From that,,which is a source of confusion comes a lot of the crap (not all) that goes with religious orgs trying to force converts.

Moses' account made it plain with the introduction of the phrase Yahweh/Jehovah:


6:2 And God [0430] spake [01696] (8762) unto Moses [04872], and said [0559] (8799) unto him, I [am] the LORD [03068]:

6:3 And I appeared [07200] (8735) unto Abraham [085], unto Isaac [03327], and unto Jacob [03290], by [the name of] God [0410] Almighty [07706], but by my name [08034] JEHOVAH [03068] was I not known [03045] (8738) to them.

(go here, ,use the #'s in brackets or parentheses to examine the words in the strongs)




shortened from:


which comes from:

Yet it gets summed up much better by someone with an actual usage familiarity with all the related languages except english,,in the new testament:

~John 1

1In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

2The same was in the beginning with God.

3All things were made by him; and without him was not any thing made that was made.~

4In him was life; and the life was the light of men.

5And the light shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not.



~of uncertain affinity; a deity, especially (with G3588) the supreme Divinity~

(here's a hoot,,this word is 'ho',,can God be nappy headed?)


~Note: A Greek philosopher named Heraclitus first used the term Logos around 600 B.C. to designate the divine reason or plan which coordinates a changing universe.~




~who are "MAN" and how many was there that they felt they had to use the term "THEM"...What made "them" differant from those who call themselves "GOD"?~

You man,,are hu-man,,no?

Creator is,,by necessity,,distinct from 'created'.

Then there is Adam,,Ha-Adam & eth Ha-Adam.

Man as in all,,a certain type of man & this particular man.


~Were all souls made at once or is a new soul made every time we need on...~

There are,,naturally,,various lines of thought on this,,I tend to go along with the simplest:

All made before,,whether at once or not.

But this ties in to the concept of a first earth 'age',,as in period of time between the 'earth being made' and it being reformed.The root is found in the idea of it 'becoming void'.


from an ambiguos root:

with out form:

and void:

and darkness,,from this (occuring action) root:

Some call this the 'gap' theory.

More on that a little further down.


~another way of asking this question is "Is reincarnation real?"~

The term reincarnation has 're' in it.For that to apply to a soul,,previous to being given a 'meat suit' to wear,,would be a lead considering there was no 're-incarnating' involved.

Just 'incarnating' into the flesh.


~Is what happened to Adam and Eve a mirror image of what happened to Mary and Jesus...Did that complete the circle for that one soul that we refer to as Adam and Eve...~

In a way it could be said to be the completion of the circle.

From Adam 'giving birth' to Eve,,(at that time,,since men allready were,,that would be miraculous,,like it would be now) to a woman encompassing a man,,another 'impossible event'.

As to it be a circle for 'one soul',,I do not agree.It is appointd to man to 'die once',,and then the judgement.

Once in the flesh to get to the throne,,then risk,,real death in the 'judgement.

Like Yeshua showed us.

But,,as a type,a reflection or perhaps a shadow,,yes,,it is a synonymous event or correlating circumstance.

The Bible is full of them.


~What is the difference between reincarnation and resurrection? Aren't they really talking about the same rebirth?~

Big diff.Re-incarnation is considered 'getting back in a body' after having vacated a previous one.

Resurrecting is 'being alive again' after 'being dead'.

The first is what 'possesing demons' are reputed to do.

The second occurs with out the same type of 'body'.

Yeshua 'incarnated' then 'resurrected' by 'quickening' his physical body,,transforming it,or a transfiguration of it,if that works better for you,,after it's 'death'.


~I also wonder what job Satan (he wrote the tunes that praised GOD) had in Heaven and how that made him feel like it was him who deserved to be honoured not GOD.~

Satan means 'adversary'.That would be his job title,,no?

Lucifer is the 'entity'.

Title,,verses name or nic.Like The Death Angel.

Here's a page that can give you a good rundown on a set of fairly common takes on that and other 'satan' topics.

(I do not necessarily agree with all you may find there)

here's some folks gabbing about it:

It will introduce you to the 'first world age' concept.

I have the impression it had something to do with Lucifer getting 'men'(?) to worship/follow him while taking credit for Gods Doings.

Bad employee.

Yet,,it all happened in the first age and there is even a school of thought that perhaps Lucifer ruled over a 'saurian/reptilian' dominated planet.

What he did then,,and the results could be likened to 'recombinate gene manipulation' ran amok,,perhaps even infecting the 'special model' of mammal called eth Ha-Adam.

And some follow a line of reasoning that could lead from Eve,,and through her,,Adam having committed sex with a 'forign specie' and contracting a 'disease vector' which is 'death' to maybe Lucifer got Eve to 'eat' human flesh.

(This is all through the root words of the word used for what she ate being related to tree or 'backbone' and the 'knowledge of' aspect.. )

Dude,,it's like piecing together ancient troy accounts as defined by The Illiad,,which led to the discovery of the 'mythical till then' city,,with out accepting any of The Illiad as true.

YOU won't make sense of it nor will YOU see sense in it.

IOW,,that's all like the earth circling the sun to Galileo's contemporaries for those who are still in such a doubtful stage as you appear to be.

You wont accept is as something to consider as evidence until you examine it AS evidence.

But,,now you know a little more of some of what is said.


~Was Satan paid or do they practice Socialism or Communism in Heaven?~

What would be money/of value to 'non physical/energy beings'?

Perhaps,,the energy released from 'dying flesh beings',,like maybe provided by those 'decieved/deluded' into commiting human sacrifice in order to appease the entity 'claiming' to be the 'Most High' but isn't?

Especially since even the Most High doesn't demand such?

That may be another reason for his downfall.

(Certain Caananite gods were said to enjoy the screaming babies over the quiet ones that were sacrificed,,is that why late term abortions being openly allowed is so important to some folks?)


~.............what race were the alleged first two?~

Well,,considering there had been NO Noah,Abraham,Issac,Ishmael nor Israel yet,,,let alone Judah,,they wouldn't be called 'Jews'.

Maybe,,sons(creations) of God,,like all others at the time before then or even now?

Like Yeshua tried to get folks to see as well?

But it does say Adam,,doesn't it?As in the 'race of Adam'.

That's called 'Adamic'.

Here some links:

I don't claim nor infer that I agree with all of what you may find in any of the above links.

Some can have some parts right,,but not other parts and others could have other things right,,or wrong.

Sort of like a 'big jigsaw puzzle' which you have to put together on your own,,essentially,,or you won't get the big picture.

Don't lean too much into the things men say about it when you can examine it yourself.Remember,,religion is the original arena of politics.No not God stuff,,the way men do things makes politics.Yes,,be very wary of orgs and their organisers,,front men are face men and once a 'group/congregation' becomes a 501c 'entity',,it's first goal is the survival of the 'entity' itself,,often losing sight of 'the groups' original goals and purposes.The material is there,,you have your brain,,you can read,,so,,well,,you know where THIS line leads,,don't ya?

And if ya have more questions,,feel free to email me with them.I in no way have all the answers,,or even the best answers,,but I will gladly participate in examining questions on this topic in order to gain knowledge of,,hopefully,,truth.And if I can share some of what I may have gleaned or happen to discover during the process,,yayy!!

With all due respect to all on this planet,,even infun,,,

The DANG-DInGIE American

aka,, The Evil White Man

created on: 10/30/07

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